CSPCD’s Work Experience Model provides an engaging and high-quality experience for enrolled youth ages 14-18, including, exposure to professional careers “otherwise not accessible to teenagers and/or young adults”, with opportunities to develop and refine 21st-century skills. 

WorkReady places youth in appropriate work sites where they can use, acquired and enhanced 21st Century skills to contribute meaningfully to the work sites. Following are the three industry sector options for worksite placements.

  • Option 1: Culture and Education – These worksites align with the education industry sector, and located in education venues and centers.  Students who request and are assessed to have a career interest in Education or related field work are referred to this worksite placement option, primarily at Temple’s main campus or at summer camp programs like The Advocate Center for Culture and Education and the Beckett Life Center.
  • Option 2: Intergenerational and Healthcare –  Youths are placed in Senior Centers, such as North Philadelphia’s North City Congress, or Yorktown Arms through the Yorktown Community Development Corporation.  Youths have the opportunity to work with older generations around healthcare issues.
  • Option 3: Hospitality and Business Services – These worksite placements align Temple University’s Fox School of Business and the School of Hospitality and Management. Youths are placed in business offices in non-profits or in hospitality venues like the Conwell Inn on Temple’s main campus. 

 Fridays Professional Development and World of Work (WOW) series provide additional youth engagement in reflective activities that that support and reinforce academic learning.


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