Employer Engagement

Health Information Professions (HIP) Career Pathways Initiative at Temple University is funded by the Administration for Children and Families of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (ACF DHHS); Temple University — Center for Social Policy and Community Development’s Health Information Professions (HIP) Career Pathways initiative offers individuals five tiers of education and training opportunities — from entry level and advanced certification programs to College degree programs.


HIP Training Options

A Career Pathway Initiative with the following offerings:

  • Tier 1- Medical Office and Accounts/ Electronic Health Records, Certifications: Coding Specialist and Administrative Health Assistant and Digital Personal Record
  • Tier 2- Coding Specialist - CCS AHIMA
  • Tier 3- Associate Degree level programs
  • Tier 4- BS-HIM Temple University
  • Tier 5- MS- Health Informatics - Temple

HIP’s student centered approach also provides comprehensive support services to facilitate the students career success.


HIP Employer Services and Benefits

  • HIP also provides services to employers that many have found useful and cost saving, including the follow-ing:
  • HIP operates as a free placement service with pre-screened and qualified candidates
  • HIP’s Career Placement Coordinators work closely with employers to identify and match employers with successful HIP candidates
  • Tiered placement services for career opportunities at entry- level to advanced
  • Employment retention support for new hires and employers

It’s been estimated that it cost employers a mini-mum of $4700 to hire and train a new employee, this is why many employers find the HIP/Employer collaboration to be a sound investment of their time and effort.


HIP Internships

Following successful completion of a training or educational offering many HIP students are en-gaged in an intern-ship experience; Employers especially appreciate this component of HIP education and training options because intern-ships:

  • Are free of cost to employers
  • Allow them to observe and assess the intern in the workplace
  • Enable them to preview potential hires


As a result many students are subsequently hired at the intern site having demonstrated the required competencies for the position.


Professional Development

HIP is a Career Pathways Initiative, which means that there are opportunities for the HIP candidates that you’ve hired –or existing employees- to continued education along the 5 tiered educational pathway. Your incumbent employees can also take advantage of HIP education and training opportunities provided they meet the eligibility criteria.

Join HIP, be an Employer Partner

Learn about:

  • HIP Job Candidates
  • Pre-screened work - ready job candidates
  • Comprehensive follow-up services on all placements for job retention
  • Internships at your company
  • Opportunities for networking and collaborating with Temple University Professionals
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